Agile at Scale with the Leading Kanban Platform

Our platform gives you the tools to create a comprehensive division of labor structure and visualize all the company’s initiatives and projects. The combination of collaboration, analysis and process automation functionalities allows you to focus on valuable work and increase the efficiency of your company.

From 3TB Clear Desk, we offer you a 3-month free trial

Kanban boards

Visualize your activity, collect valuable information about your business and increase your productivity.

Kanbanize is a powerful and easy to use platform that boosts your business with the help of tons of dynamic features. The Kanban board is the most effective way to visualize your workflow and allow your team to have control over what needs to be done and what is currently being worked on.

Multiple Workflows

With Multiple Workflows you can fully customize your Kanban boards to fit the specific needs of cross-functional teams or teams working on multiple projects. Instead of segmenting work into separate boards, you can now build a multi-layered Kanban board to keep your teams’ work in one place.



The Kanbanize timeline offers an Agile approach to planning. It provides a visual representation of your past, current, and future initiatives in a calendar view, so you can create a high-level roadmap for your plan. Use the Kanban timeline to update your plans in real time and visualize their execution.


Management and Team workspaces

With Workspaces you can distribute and track work throughout your organization from a single Management panel. Use Management and Team Workspaces to improve visibility across multiple teams and projects, support smoother division and delegation of work, and successfully scale Agile across your organization.


Card Links

Complex projects involve a large number of work items, and without any special care, visibility is quickly lost. Connect Kanban cards on different boards and get the maximum visibility you need to execute successfully.


Business rules

With runtime policies in Kanbanize, you create rules that trigger actions when certain events occur.

This is just a fraction of what you can do with runtime policies in Kanbanize. They are the kind of “point and click” programming language with which you can automate any process.

Workflow Analytics

A broad arsenal of lean project management analytics including a cumulative flow chart, cycle time scatter plot, Monte Carlo simulations and much more…



Make your Kanban software even better with our selection of apps specially designed to enhance the Kanbanize experience.

From single sign-ons to issue trackers to cloud storage, our flexible Kanban software comes ready to scale and integrate with services

Email Integration

K anbanize takes on the challenge of optimizing the way you do support, helpdesk, and customer service.

Not only can you create and update cards via email, but you can also collaborate with customers and track all responses in a card’s comments section.


Time control

Whether you bill by the hour or just need to know how long it took you to work, Kanbanize makes it easy.


Time is money and we know it. Receive detailed reports to visualize the hours spent on tasks or complete projects.


Find out how you can take advantage of Kanbanize Restful API.


The proven Kanban software tool

At Kanbanize, we have designed a Kanban software tool that provides deep and powerful functionality, but with a user experience that is beautiful in its simplicity. You and your team will have a large number of features, which you can learn to use in a very short time.

In a few days, your team will be able to:

  • Map processes to identify inefficiencies
  • Manage multiple projects without losing ground on any
  • Define rules triggered by specific events, automate response and increase efficiency
  • Use email to create a task and set up a flexible ticketing system
  • Track and report billable hours
  • Analyze key performance indicators with an eye to future improvement

Powerful, right? Try it yourself totally free!


The trial account in Kanbanize provides access to all the features of the system with almost no restrictions. During the 30-day trial period, you can invite your team and test the app in a similar production environment.

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