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Model large processes more intelligently.

Collaborate with your colleagues. Analyze without limits. Customize what you need and satisfy all your business needs. A tool. Unlimited possibilities.


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ADONIS is adapted to your needs.


Process management

Define, measure and monitor your business processes to achieve greater efficiency, better business results and continuous improvement.

Quality management and operational excellence

Track performance, manage costs and refine business practices to do what you do even better, faster and easier.

Digitization and automation

Leverage business interruptions and deliver consistent value to customers. Automate the right processes. Set up watertight workflows. And make optimization your competitive advantage.

Customer Journey and Conceptualization

Map user insights, foster innovative ideas and tailor customer experiences to keep customers at the heart of your organization.

Audit and compliance

Maintain records of your documentation, establish controls and evaluate existing practices to stay ahead of compliance requirements and be ready for audits at all times.

Integration with SAP / ERP

Optimize information flows, manage inefficiencies and track departmental progress to improve productivity and facilitate data-backed decision making.

Whether for digital strategy or compliance.

ADONIS, the easiest and most cost-effective way to use BPM.

Document, standardize and improve your processes

Document all your process information in a central database, available for everyone to use. provide greater context and visibility into your business processes and shed light on how they operate, so everyone is on the same page.

Increase clarity, transparency and alignment with your processes.

Encourage more effective collaboration between departments and business teams through greater process transparency, a single, central source of information, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Combine agility and standardization

Gain insight into your process map, reveal operational bottlenecks and eliminate redundancies to improve process quality and results.

Establish a customer-centric organization

Map the customer’s touch points with your organization, step by step. See through the eyes of your customers. Obtain information about your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Align your operations with the customer journey. And create an exceptional experience.

Realize IT alignment of your business

Overcome departmental boundaries, improve decision making and accelerate response to changing industry needs through flexible process refinement.

Improve quality and operational efficiency

Improve operational structures, increase efficiency, reduce waste and cut unnecessary expenses by optimizing your processes in ADONIS.

Govern and manage your risk, controls and compliance portfolio

Keep up to date with important regulations and carefully manage internal policies and controls by incorporating compliance into the end-to-end lifecycles of your processes.

Automate your processes: from workflows to ERP

Identify repetitive processes and deliver tedious and time-consuming tasks to free up valuable resources by automating and executing processes.

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